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Related Businesses

  • Blenheim Appliance Repairs
  • Total: 4    Avg: (5)
  • 16 Auckland St, Mayfield, Blenheim 7201, New Zealand
  • 03-578 3601,
  • Blenheim Electric House
  • Total: 8    Avg: (4.3)
  • 42 Main St, Blenheim, 7201, New Zealand
  • 03-578 3564,
  • Herkt Appliances 100%
  • Total: 1    Avg: (5)
  • 29 Seymour St, Blenheim, 7201, New Zealand
  • 03-578 0700,
  • Marlborough TV Services
  • Total: 6    Avg: (4.2)
  • 6 Opawa St, Blenheim, 7201, New Zealand
  • 03-578 8410,
  • Liquid Self Service Laundromats
  • Total: 30    Avg: (3.6)
  • 83A Cleghorn St, Redwoodtown, Blenhiem 7201, New Zealand
  • 06-281 2027,

These appliance repair services are courteous and fast to respond. All of them offer fair repair costs.  They are reliable, experienced technicians having lots of years in the industry. They can handle many sorts of domestic appliance including fridges , freezers, washers, dryers and ovens.

They will work on any sorts of appliances and will hope to fix the problem first time.  The repair services are well-known in the Blenheim therefore you can rely on them to give a good service.

We realise that you will have a range of choices in whiteware repairs but we aim to please. This means people are able to depend upon us to do the repair work as quickly as possible to get your domestic appliances working again. For any domestic appliance problems in Blenheim ring today.


More About Blenheim

Blenheim is the English name of Blindheim, a village in Bavaria, Germany, which was the site of the Battle of Blenheim in 1704. Almost all places and other things called Blenheim are named directly or indirectly in honour of the battle.