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These appliance repair businesses are courteous and quick to get in touch. All of them offer good value for money pricing.  They are efficient, professional, qualified repairers with lots of years in the industry. They can work on lots of sorts of appliance whiteware including refrigerators , freezers, washers, dryers and cookers.

They will aim to repair all types of appliances and will aim to repair the issue first time.  The appliance repair services have a good reputation in the Judea therefore you can rely on them to give a good service.

We know how you will have a range of options in appliance repair services but we strive to do a good job. This means people can count upon us to do the job promptly to get your appliances working again. For whiteware problems near Judea call today.


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Coordinates: 31°41′56″N 35°18′23″E / 31.69889°N 35.30639°E / 31.69889; 35.30639

Judea or Judæa (/dʒuːˈdiːə/;[1] from Hebrew: יהודה‎, Standard Yəhuda, Tiberian Yəhûḏāh, Greek: Ἰουδαία, Ioudaía; Latin: Iūdaea) is the ancient Hebrew and Israelite biblical, the exonymic Roman/English, and the modern-day name of the mountainous southern part of the region of Palestine. The name originates from the Hebrew name Yehudah, a son of the Jewish patriarch Jacob/Israel, and Yehudah’s progeny forming the biblical Israelite tribe of Judah (Yehudah) and later the associated Kingdom of Judah, which the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia dates from 934 until 586 BCE.[2] The name of the region continued to be incorporated through the Babylonian conquest, Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman periods as Yehud, Yehud Medinata, Hasmonean Judea, and consequently Herodian Judea and Roman Judea, respectively.