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Related Businesses

  • Electronic Systems Service Group
  • Total: 1    Avg: (5)
  • 346 Aberdeen Rd, Gisborne, 4010, New Zealand
  • 06-867 8081,
  • Gisborne Refrigeration Services Ltd
  • Total: 0    Avg: (0)
  • 211 Stanley Rd, Awapuni, Gisborne 4010, New Zealand
  • 021 242 5269,
  • Mytronics Limited
  • Total: 1    Avg: (4)
  • 300 Aberdeen Rd, Gisborne, 4010, New Zealand
  • 06-867 8830,
  • Liquid Self Service Laundromats
  • Total: 27    Avg: (3.8)
  • Shop 10/500 Wainui Rd, Inner Kaiti, Gisborne 4010, New Zealand
  • 06-867 6554,

The appliance repair companies are friendly and fast to respond. All of them offer fair repair costs.  They are reliable, professional, qualified repairers having plenty of experience in the appliance repair sector. They will tackle many types of domestic appliance including fridges , deep freezes, washing machines, clothes dryers and ovens.

The companies are going to work on all types of domestic appliance and will hope to fix the problem first time.  The repair services are well-known in the Kaiti therefore you will be able to count on them to give a good service.

We understand that you have a range of choices for whiteware repairs so we aim to please. As a result you can depend on us to do the job as quickly as possible to get your domestic appliances working again. If you have domestic appliance repair work in Kaiti ring today.


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