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Related Businesses

  • Wishart Appliance Repair Company
  • Total: 12    Avg: (3.8)
  • 144 Queens Dr, Lower Hutt 5010, New Zealand
  • 04-569 9949,
  • Tharcold Service Centre
  • Total: 19    Avg: (2.3)
  • Glover St, Ngauranga, Wellington 6035, New Zealand
  • 04-478 3104,
  • Surf City Appliance Repairs
  • Total: 4    Avg: (4.8)
  • 128 Gill St, New Plymouth 4310, New Zealand
  • 06-758 1252,
  • Five Star Appliances
  • Total: 24    Avg: (4.6)
  • 8/21 Railside Pl, Dinsdale, Hamilton 3204, New Zealand
  • 07-856 7711,
  • Kings Radio Service
  • Total: 19    Avg: (4.3)
  • 36 Harwood St, Hamilton North 3204, New Zealand
  • 07-839 3912,
  • Lawrence's Home Appliance Centre
  • Total: 19    Avg: (4.2)
  • Clyde Street Shopping Centre, 20 Clyde St, Hamilton East, Hamilton 3216, New Zealand
  • 07-856 7612,

These appliance repair businesses are friendly and quick to respond. They offer fair pricing.  They are dependable, professional, qualified repairers with lots of years in the appliance repair sector. The repair companies will handle lots of types of domestic appliance ranging from fridges , freezers, washers, dryers and cookers.

The companies will aim to repair any types of appliances and will aim to repair the issue on the first visit.  The appliance repair services are well-known in the Matau therefore you will be able to count on them to offer good service.

We understand that you have a number of options in appliance repair services so we aim to please. This means people can rely upon us to do the job promptly getting your domestic appliances working once more. For whiteware repair work near Matau ring now.


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