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Related Businesses

  • Elite Appliance Servicing
  • Total: 4    Avg: (3.3)
  • 25/518 Buckland Rd, Buckland 2677, New Zealand
  • 09-238 7303,
  • S&J Appliance Servicing Limited
  • Total: 15    Avg: (3.9)
  • 2/16 Alpito Pl, Pukekohe 2120, New Zealand
  • 09-238 6608,
  • Ararimu Appliance Services
  • Total: 3    Avg: (5)
  • 13 Norrie Rd, Drury 2113, New Zealand
  • 09-294 7714,
  • Hard Wired Services Ltd
  • Total: 5    Avg: (4.6)
  • Unit 2/6 Cape Hill Rd, Pukekohe 2120, New Zealand
  • 09-238 2560,
  • Total: 2    Avg: (3)
  • Montgomerie Rd, Mangere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand
  • 09-968 0935,

The appliance repair companies are courteous and fast to respond. All of them provide good value for money pricing.  They are reliable, skilled technicians with plenty of years in the industry. They will work on many sorts of domestic appliance ranging from fridges , freezers, washing machines, dryers and ovens.

The companies will aim to repair all sorts of appliances and will hope to fix your issue on the first visit.  The repair services have a good reputation in the Mauku therefore you can count on them to provide good repair job.

We understand that you will have a range of options for whiteware repairs but we aim to please. As a result people are able to count upon us to do the job accurately getting your domestic appliances working again. If you have any whiteware issues in Mauku call now.


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Asplenium bulbiferum, known as mother spleenwort, is a fern species native to New Zealand only. It is also called hen and chicken fern and, in the Māori language, pikopiko, mouku or mauku. Its fronds are eaten as a vegetable. It is often confused with A. gracillimum which is a fern species native to both New Zealand and Australia.[1]