Common Items For New Zealand Household Appliances Repairs

There are numerous good quality domestic appliance repair companies in New Zealand. Most of them can repair a range of household appliances.  Some of the more common whiteware appliance repairs include:

  • dishwashers,
  • washing machines, clothes dryers,
  • over-sink water heaters, wall-mounted water heaters,
  • air conditioners,
  • waste disposal units, trash or rubbish compactors,
  • freezers, refrigerators, ice makers,
  • ovens, range hoods, microwave ovens, stoves.

domestic appliance repair companiesTo find a domestic appliance repair company, it is best to search online. You can search for appliance repair companies in your city. Alternatively, and can search for the type of household that needs repairing.

You will be given a long, daunting list of websites for whiteware and domestic appliance repairers which you have to sift through to find a phone number to ring. That can take ages especially on poor websites where the contact information is often difficult to find. At least having a website is a good sign that they are moving with the times. Lots of domestic appliance repair companies still don’t have a web site or any online presence at all.

Some of the websites might have references or testimonials from happy household appliance repair customers but there is no guarantee of that. This means you don’t really know how good that New Zealand household appliance repair company is.

An easier way is to go to which is a nation-wide directory of all New Zealand domestic appliance repair companies and whiteware repairers. You simply enter your postcode or town, and a list of local household repair services with their contact details will be shown to you.  That saves you lots of time and can get a small appliance or whiteware repair company to you much sooner.

New Zealand householders need to ring for help to service or repair domestic appliances if any of the following situations apply to your electrical household appliances:

  • the appliance is tripping the fuses of the electricity board
  • there is a water leak from a fridge, washer, etc.
  • users get an electrical shock when they touch the
  • the control panel is not working
  • the performance of the appliance is not what is expected. For example, slow to empty, too much ice, the air conditioner is not cooling down the room

One common small electrical household appliance missing from the list is the kettle. A jug is one of the most likely causes of a fuse being tripped because the element in the kettle is getting worn. You may need to call an electrician but you don’t want to repair the kettle. It is safer to simply replace it.

Fridge freezer repairOf the domestic appliances, the washer is a common one that will need an appliance repair service provider.  This can be because it is not emptying, is not working at all, or the cycle is not completing.  Any New Zealand domestic electrical appliance repair specialist will agree that the washing machine is a problematic whiteware item. It is not surprising as it has to carry out a range of different tasks: washing, rinsing, spinning, cycling, water intake and pumping out the used water, and all this managed by a quite complex control panel.

Household appliance repair technicians will also probably agree that the most dangerous household appliance, is the microwave oven. Microwaves themselves are not dangerous to operate or to cook food in but it is the capacitator in the microwave circuit boards which can be aa problem since they store high voltage which is dangerous. You must never try to open the casing of a broken microwave as the capacitator can deliver a lethal electric shock. This is the reason that the manufacturers seal microwave ovens.

If you need a New Zealand domestic appliance repair company, click here to find a household electrical appliance repairs service near you.