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Related Businesses

  • Appliance Repair Care Ltd
  • Total: 18    Avg: (4.8)
  • 24 Bell St, Whanganui, 4500, New Zealand
  • 06-345 5433,
  • Appliance Rescue
  • Total: 11    Avg: (3.1)
  • 117 Greenwood Blvd, Otaki 5581, New Zealand
  • 04-902 5412,
  • Appliance Fix Ltd
  • Total: 7    Avg: (5)
  • 22 Read St, Horowhenua, Levin 5510, New Zealand
  • 06-210 2666,
  • Central Rentals
  • Total: 33    Avg: (4.8)
  • 96 Princess St, Palmerston North, 4410, New Zealand
  • 06-354 4737,
  • Leppard Electrical Appliance Services
  • Total: 3    Avg: (3.7)
  • 3 Hydrangea Lane, Milson, Palmerston North 4414, New Zealand
  • 06-357 2785,
  • Specialised Appliance Repairs/ Hutt Valley Appliances
  • Total: 0    Avg: (0)
  • 65 Main St, Upper Hutt 5018, New Zealand
  • 04-939 1090,

These appliance repair businesses are friendly and quick to respond. They provide good value for money pricing.  They are dependable, skilled service agents having plenty of years in the industry. The repair companies can work on lots of types of domestic appliance including fridges , deep freezes, washers, dryers and ovens.

The companies will work on all sorts of domestic appliance and will hope to repair your issue first time.  The repair companies have a good reputation in the Ratana therefore you will be able to depend on them to give good repair job.

We know that you will have a range of choices in domestic appliance repair services but we strive to do a good job. This means you can count on us to do the repair work accurately getting your appliances operating once more. For any domestic appliance problems near Ratana ring now.


More About Ratana

The Rātana movement is a church and pan-iwi political movement founded by Tahupōtiki Wiremu Rātana in early 20th-century New Zealand. The Rātana Church has its headquarters at the settlement of Rātana pā near Whanganui.

The main symbol (tohu) of the church is the five-pointed star and crescent moon, the whetū mārama (which means both “star and moon” and “shining star”), worn on the lapels of mōrehu (the scattered remnant, Rātana followers) and at pivotal points on church buildings. The golden or blue crescent moon (symbolising enlightenment) can face different parts of the coloured star: blue represents Te Matua (The Father), white is Te Tama (The Son), red is Te Wairua Tapu (The Holy Spirit), purple is Ngā Anahera Pono (The Faithful Angels) and gold/yellow is Te Māngai (The Mouthpiece (of Jehovah), Ture Wairua), although sometimes this colour is sometimes substituted for the colour pink, representing PiriWiriTua (The Campaigner (of Political Matters), Ture Tangata). Te Whetū Mārama represents the kingdom of light or Māramatanga, standing firm against the forces of darkness (mākutu).[1]