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Related Businesses

  • ApplianceWorks Ltd
  • Total: 1    Avg: (5)
  • c/-o Kitchen Things 40 Vanguard St, Nelson, 7010, New Zealand
  • 03-548 0181,
  • John Scowen
  • Total: 15    Avg: (4.9)
  • 4 Maitland Ave, Stoke, Nelson 7011, New Zealand
  • 03-547 5352,
  • Sturrock & Greenwood Ltd
  • Total: 4    Avg: (3)
  • 8 Gloucester St, Nelson, 7010, New Zealand
  • 03-546 9219,
  • Polar Refrigeration
  • Total: 4    Avg: (4.3)
  • 2/124 Tahunanui Dr, Tahunanui, Nelson 7011, New Zealand
  • 03-548 6209,
  • Godfreys Nelson
  • Total: 3    Avg: (4.3)
  • 52 Vanguard St, Nelson, 7010, New Zealand
  • 03-546 7244,
  • Liquid Self Service Laundromats
  • Total: 27    Avg: (3.9)
  • 147 Toi Toi St, Toi Toi, Nelson 7010, New Zealand
  • 03-548 2500,

These appliance repair businesses are friendly and fast to get in touch. They offer good value for money repair costs.  They are efficient, skilled service agents with lots of experience in the appliance repair sector. The repair companies can work on lots of sorts of domestic appliance ranging from fridges , deep freezes, washers, dryers and cookers.

They are going to work on all sorts of domestic appliance and will aim to fix the issue first time.  The repair companies are well-known in the Hira therefore you can count on them to give good repair job.

We understand that you will have a range of options for whiteware repairs but we aim to please. This means people can count on us to do the repair work accurately getting your appliances working again. If you have any appliance problems in Hira call today.


More About Hira

Jabal an-Nour (Arabic: جَـبَـل ٱلـنُّـوْر‎, romanized: Jabal an-Nūr, lit. ‘Mountain of the Light’ or ‘Hill of the Illumination’) is a mountain near Mecca in the Hejazi region of Saudi Arabia.[1] The mountain houses the famed Grotto/Cave of Hira (Arabic: غَـار حِـرَاء‎, romanized: Ġār Ḥirāʾ). The mountain and its cave hold tremendous significance for Muslims throughout the world, as the Islamic Nabī (Prophet) Muhammad is said to have spent a great deal of time in the cave meditating, and it is widely believed that it was here that he received his first revelation, which consisted of the first five ayats of Surah Al-Alaq from the angel Jibrā’īl (as is pronounced in certain Quran recitation schools and some Arab tribes; also known as Gabriel).[2] It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Makkah. The mountain itself is barely 640 m (2,100 ft) tall; nonetheless one to two hours are needed to make the strenuous hike to the cave. It’s 1750 steps to the top, which can take anywhere between 25 minutes to 1hr 30 minutes.

Since this is where Muhammad (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) is said to have had his First Revelation and received the first verses of the Quran, the mountain was given the title Jabal an-Nūr (“Mountain of the Light” or “Mountain of the Enlightenment”). This experience is sometimes identified with the beginning of revelation; hence the present name.[3] The date of the first revelation is said to Monday the 21st of Ramadan at night, i.e. August 10, 610 C.E., making Muhammad 40 lunar years, 6 months and 12 days of age, i.e. 39 Gregorian years, 3 months and 22 days.[4]